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ThetaHealing Summer in Bigfork
Awaken Your True Purpose
ThetaHealing Vianna in Russia 2016
ThetaHealing Founder Vianna Stibal is returning to St. Petersburg Russia September 2016
ThetaHealing We Are All Connected
ThetaHealing, Founder Vianna Stibal returns to Athens Greece in October 2016
ThetaHealing Making a Difference
ThetaHealing Founder Vianna Stibal Returns to Rio de Janeiro November 2016
ThetaHealing New Beginnings
ThetaHealing Founder, Vianna Stibal Returns to Guadalajara offering Instructors seminars for the first time December 2016

The ThetaHealing® Technique

a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit.

Vianna's Upcoming SeminarsView All

08/01/2016 Bigfork, MT, United States of America
Family Ties Seminar Instructors

08/01/2016 Bigfork, MT, United States of America
Game of Life Instructors

08/04/2016 Bigfork, MT, United States of America
Plant Seminar Instructors

08/05/2016 Bigfork, MT, United States of America
Animal Seminar Instructors

08/08/2016 Bigfork, MT, United States of America
Planes of Existence Instructors

09/05/2016 St. Petersburg , Russia
Basic DNA Instructors

09/10/2016 St. Petersburg , Russia
Advanced DNA Instructors

09/14/2016 St. Petersburg , Russia
Dig Deeper Instructors

09/16/2016 St. Petersburg , Russia
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors

09/19/2016 St. Petersburg , Russia
Growing Your Relationships 1: You and Your Significant Other

09/24/2016 Birmingham, United Kingdom
ThetaHealing Day

09/30/2016 Athens , Greece
Basic DNA Instructors

10/05/2016 Athens , Greece
Advanced DNA Instructors

10/08/2016 Athens , Greece
Dig Deeper Instructors

10/13/2016 Athens , Greece
World Relations Instructors

11/05/2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ThetaHealing Day

11/07/2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Basic DNA Instructors

11/12/2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Advanced DNA Instructors

11/16/2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dig Deeper Instructors

11/18/2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Soul Mate Instructors

11/28/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
Basic DNA Instructors

12/03/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
Advanced DNA Instructors

12/07/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
Soul Mate Instructors

12/09/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight

12/09/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Instructors

12/10/2016 Guadalajara, Mexico
Growing Your Relationships 1: You and Your Significant Other

02/03/2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Basic DNA Instructors

02/09/2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Advanced DNA Instructors

02/14/2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Intuitive Anatomy Instructors

03/30/2017 Valencia, Spain
Basic DNA Instructors


Upcoming Australian SeminarsView All

07/29/2016 St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Advanced DNA

08/01/2016 St Leonards, NSW
Manifesting and Abundance

08/05/2016 St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Soul Mate

08/13/2016 Merimbula, NSW
Family Ties Seminar

08/15/2016 St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Intuitive Anatomy

08/26/2016 , NSW
Basic DNA

08/26/2016 Watsona, ACT
Game of Life

08/27/2016 Torquay, Victoria
Basic DNA

09/05/2016 Brisbane (Redcliffe Peninsula), QLD
Disease and Disorder

09/09/2016 St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Basic DNA

09/19/2016 Brisbane (Redcliffe), QLD
Rainbow Children

09/26/2016 Brisbane (Redcliffe), QLD
World Relations

10/10/2016 Redcliffe (Brisbane), QLD

10/19/2016 Bendigo, Victoria
World Relations

10/28/2016 Mt Isa, Queensland
Basic DNA

10/29/2016 St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Dig Deeper

12/10/2016 Canberra, ACT
Dig Deeper

01/09/2017 Canberra, ACT
Intuitive Anatomy

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